Week 1: Blogging

Thing 2: Explore other blogs and get to know some of the other cpd23-ers.
I have now visited a few cpd23 blogs (you can find other cpd23 blogs on delicious) and I think I’m a bit early!

As I’m not so loaded down with work this morning (I made a special appointment with myself for the start of cpd23 – geek!) I’ll write a quick entry about which blogs I’m reading so far. Some of the blogs that are saved in various bookmark places and feed into various readers and emails but don’t get looked at regularly are the following:
I also follow Jeanine Deckers’ blog Tenaanval, both to learn about her library world and to improve my Dutch. There I have for example learned more about Schiphol’s airport library and the Taxi(s) of Knowledge in Cairo.

I actually had to re-set my login for my delicious bookmarks this morning, so that tells you how often I have used delicious lately (not)!

I follow a fair number of other information professionals on twitter, which often features feeds from their blogs, which I read as and when they pop up, rather than religiously. I should really get into the habit of reading blogs more regularly, not just nip in and out, but I guess twitter hasn’t helped my behaviour so far. Talking about twitter:  oooh, excited about #librarycamp!!
I think it is important to follow other blogs, to learn about other ways of thinking, working and living.

During this month I also try and follow  ALIA’s #blogjune initiative (what’s this?), which included blogs about all sorts of things, but I know I have missed whole days of posts too.

By the way, please don’t be confused if you comment on this post and your comment doesn’t appear immediately – I’m screening comments from non-(livejournal)friends. I’ve already struggled with the same thing, so sorry to anyone who was (or will be) bothered by (by mistake) multiple comments from me this week! :s

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