Week 1: Blogging

Hi, thanks for stopping by!
I am a librarian who is based in a public reference library in the UK, which is also a Europe Direct information point. I’ve worked here for about three and a half years now (plus having done six months of work experience during my studies), and I like it! I have worked in university libraries and bookshops before, so not a lot can shock me these days. I like to think I’m okay in the web 2.0 world but there’s always more to learn! How can you know what you don’t know, eh?!

Now, this cpd23 thing… I found it, liked the idea, and my boss likes it too, so I get time to do it at work (thanks!). Let’s see what the next few months can teach me.

What is a blog?
According to an old Belgian Flair magazine in my desk drawer (from October 2010) a blog:
– is updated serveral times a week,
– is in chronologival order, with the latest post at the top,
– gets reactions from followers.

I think I agree with this definition although I know of many blogs that are updated weekly and fortnightly, and also some that don’t get much follower interaction (if any).

Thing 1: Create your own blog, write about what you hope to get out of the programme.
As I already have this blog I will use it for cpd23. As you can gather (or already know) it’s normally a blog for learning Dutch (as a hobby) but learning is learning, so now I’ll use it for these 23 Things as well.

I have used blogspot in the past and also maintain a wordpress-based blog for work, so I know how they work. I’m not sure if any other cpd23ers will be on livejournal (if you are let me know!) but I prefer this platform to other blogs as it offers readily formed communities. These are very useful for language learning and there are a few library ones too! Some examples are: librarians-uk, Library Grrrls and libraries.
I get the impression that livejournal is often the platform of choice for personal blogs rather than professional ones. I found Morgan Wilson’s posts (admittedly from 2004) on this very interesting:
Trivia about me and this blog; LiveJournal community for the private journals of public bloggers (no, I don’t know his livejournal ID but Morgan, do get in touch if you like. I could even help you with your German!), and What LiveJournal has to offer library workers

What am I hoping to get out of this programme?
I’m hoping to learn about keeping a professional development blog, rather than just a personal (hobby) one. I have done some “reflective learning” before but it’s only ever been shared with my then-mentor, and I didn’t feel it was very useful or special, other than for keeping track of what I’d done. I think sharing impressions, questions and issues in the public eye helps with looking at things differently, and works both ways. Which is learning.
I’m also hoping to be able to structure my thoughts (even?) better (and learn how to express them in writing, so that others understand what I’m on about…), and be braver in my sharing: as you will have noticed you know neither my name, my city or my work-place’s website(s) at this stage – sorry, I’m a bit shy
And of course I want to get to know other people, learn from and with them and enjoy myself.

NB. This post was originally on my livejournal blog, as you might have guessed.

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