Week 1: Blogging

Thing 2 again.

I received my first comment today and this prompted me to read some more blogs this lunchtime. To get a start on the vast amount of #cpd23 blogs I used the filter function on the cpd23 participants list, and chosen blogs from countries I am interested in. I’ve bookmarked a load of blogs I liked the look of (and added them to my Internet Explorer Feeds) but let’s hope I get into the habit of actually reading them too!

My list so far is:

Cath’s Musings – a former colleague of mine who has already taught me loads in both work and life and who makes a cracking chocolate cake if her recipe is anything to go by 🙂
More Adventurous – a blog I came across on the participants list. I liked the title and a job in the mining museum sounds interesting, so I want to find out more.
dpgreen.net – simple design, brave post. I thinK I’ll like this one as well. By the way, whenever I try and comment on this blog I seem to get an error message but the comment seems to go through – any thougts?
All Things Professional – the only blog shelved under "Netherlands" so far. Maybe Lis-Britt would like to help with my Dutch? Otherwise, linguistics and Japan would’ve drawn me in anyway 🙂
Good News Librarian – I need someone with a super-positive attitude on this list as I’m naturally a  pessimist (people who know me say that’s not necessarily true but I often feel like one)
Growth of a Librarian – another fresh voice
Behind the Bookshelves – how could I resist someone who sees Thing 2 as stalking 😉

It’s a short list at the moment but I didn’t want to add too many straight away and then not give them the deserved attention. So if you feel I should really read your blog too, post a comment! 🙂

I have commented on some of these and other blogs, and hope that I can keep up with that too. In the past I have often felt I should really engage with other people’s blogs more but most of the time it’s remained a retweet on twitter,a  mention on Facebook or LinkedIn, or (more often than not) a "yes, that was very intresting" in my head.


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Gas station attendant of the mind (librarian), learner, reader, googler, traveller, library camper. My personal views.
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