Network neutrality (Week 1: Blogging)

Okay, here it is: a "proper" blog post…

The news are full of articles about the new Dutch law about net(work) neutrality today, (for example: The Guardian and EUobserver). So I’ll be brave and write a few lines as part of week 1 of #cpd23. This topic could also go on my work blog but as there’s always a bit of controversy and argument about it (net neutrality, not the blog), I might not bother today. I’ve posted a link on Facebook and twitter though (seemed much easier, too!).

The idea behind net neutrality is that there should be no hierarchy of information or services on the internet. This new Dutch law prevents telecommunications companies in the Netherlands from blocking content, or charging for services that would otherwise be free, like Skype and YouTube, for example. The EU has long been supporting net neutrality (even though it wants markets to regulate themselves, and not introduce a legislation), so this is quite exciting indeed!

Here’s a bit of background from YouTube and an EU press release, in the context of the European Union.
I have heard Neelie Kroes talk live several times now and I think she is a lovely lady with a great set of ideas and passions. She is of course the Vice President of the European Commission and Commissioner for the Digital Agenda. I like listening to her in Dutch as well, to improve my listening skills, but that’s not always easy. I’m glad when the odd English word comes up and I can grasp the context a bit better.

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