Week 1: Blogging

Today I have added Organising chaos to my RSS feeds. I’m already following @woodsiegirl on twitter, and she has a good blogging voice and interesting thoughts. So this makes the 8th blog that I have decided to follow this week. I think this fills my capacity… I already feel like I’m losing track again. I am very much looking forward to Thing 4, which will hopefully prompt me to (at least) organise my RSS feeds better. I think I’ll be able to find time every morning to check if any posts have appeared (thanks to Cath for giving me the idea!), as part of checking my emails, so it’s just a matter of being organised now! But I’ll wait to have a play with readers etc. – my reading might as well be all over the place for another two weeks 😉

By the way, a big step for net neutrality yesterday: "Netherlands becomes first European country to ensure web providers cannot charge more to access certain services". I know that I should really write a blog post about this but I am honestly not quite sure where to start…

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