Skipping along

During my lunchbreak I got rather fed up with my RSS feeds, trying to catch up on what other cdp23ers have written in the last few days. Over the past few weeks I used the Internet Explorer Feeds tool (so excited to move away from IE6!) but it claims to be password-protected for every single feed I have signed up for – might be work’s firewall or something (any ideas? I would like to know if it’s my own mistake).

So anyway, I decided to skip ahead and organise myself a GoogleReader account. Turns out I already have one. I can’t remember when I set that up but there you go! Adding feeds was really easy, especially as I already had a list on my yahoo account and in the Internet Explorer feed tool.

Hmm. Looks like I won’t be very busy in Week 3 now, as I already use twitter and GoogleReader (providing the latter is up to its reputation!)… I have never used Pushnote yet though.

By the way, new on Mashable today (via twitter): How to: Manage your online reputation using SEO

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