Week 2: Online presence

Thing 3.

Since posting earlier today I have worked my way through this week’s cdp23 post. And am quite impressed that I had one of the links Jo recommends on my own reading list already.

I think the hardest thing is still the decision if I want to be visible much at all. I’m sure LibWig’s post What’s In A Name? will come in handy if I decide to draw all my accounts together but until then?
For example, I like being recognised as someone who has something useful to say, especially on twitter. Yet I shy away from sharing my tweets (they are protected) and I don’t use my real name. At the same time I am happy to connect with people on Facebook and LinkedIn and tell them who I am on twitter, as we are most likely to have connected through twitter. But this comes from my side, so I’m in control. Do I need to let go a bit? (Maybe I will end up outing myself by mistake through doing all this extra online stuff and all will be okay? đŸ˜‰ )

When I read today’s cpd23 post I though that maybe I should’ve been less lazy and started a separate blog for cdp23, to tie in with other identities and start afresh and all professional. But through using this one which mentions my learning Dutch I have made some useful contacts for this, as well as some library contacts, so it’s worked both ways. I think libraryland is very profersonal anyway, I hardly know a library tweep or blog I follow that doesn’t mention some form of crafts at some point.

So, what have a learned so far?

Name used. Still confused and inconsistent. But at least I know what I should be doing, if I decide to open up and link it all.
Photograph. A semi-professional photo for both Facebook and LinkedIn. Identical picture for twitter and blog. Result.
Professional/personal identity. Tried to keep it separate and failed.
Visual brand. I use my photograph/avatar as my visual brand. Seems to work so far.

Googling myself.
I have done this in the past and the search results haven’t changed much. Searching for my name, my LinkedIn profile provides the first hit, as expected. Adding my location to this search, search results to do with me dominate the first four and the 7th to 10th hits. Then adding "library", it only shows my LinkedIn profile, and adding "librarian" instead of "library" moves the profile down to 4th spot but adds a few other links that I saw during the "just my name" search. Interesting but not unexpected. Which I believe is good.

Optional extra activity
In her post, Jo suggests this: If you are feeling particularly brave, try asking someone else (such as one of the other programme participants) what they think your blog says about your personal brand. Are the words they suggest ones that you feel describe you? If not, consider why that might be and how you could change that perception.

I might not feel brave enough to reveal my identity but I feel brave enough for this, at least on this sunny Monday morning. Tell me what you think, please. Don’t be cruel.

And please tell me how you deal with your privacy decisions, I’d love to be able to see how it works for other people.

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