Week 2: Online Presence

This morning I came across an interesting article by Jochen Mai, on his Karrierebible blog (in German). It fits right in with what cpd23 is making us think about this week.
In his latest article Jochen Mai pulls together research and ideas about avatars and how they affect people’s behaviour and self-image.
He links to a dissertation (in English) about the Proteus Effect in digital self-presentation, which might be worth reading at a later date, if I get the time. So far I’ve only had a quick scan and it looks interesting enough.

The main message I have taken away from the blog post is that a positive avatar can help you become more positive and confident in real life. If you share a lot online, you are more likely to share more in real life and become more open towards others, making more friends. But like Mai says, don’t rush out to get an artifical super-avatar but have a think about it. Do you really want what comes with it? What do you want from your online presence and activity? A good thing to ponder…

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