Week 3: Current awareness

Thing 4.
I have had a look at Pushnote now and apparently it doesn’t work on Internet Explorer yet. Hmm. That’s a bit of a problem for me as I am not allowed to download anything in work. I am not convinced that I’ll use Pushnote at home, as I mainly do personal stuff there and feel no need to rate websites I use then.
 Pushnote looks like a good tool for work though, so I might have a play with it, just to see how it works. But what if I like it and want to use it for work then? Could be very frustrating to know there’s a good tool that I can’t use. Honestly, I can’t see myself making a list of links and rating them from home.
Any idea when they’ll add Internet Explorer to the list?

Just read a very good blog post which tells you why you should tweet. I agree with all these points! I won’t repeat it all here, so read it.

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