Week 3: Current awareness

Thing 4: RSS feeds, Twitter, Pushnote

I thought I could maybe be a bit lazy this week as I already use twitter daily, and have recently re-discovered my Google Reader.

I am active on twitter, but not always in a professional capacity. If you don’t know it already, I am @bumsonseats. The name derived from the frustration that libraries are often only valued through the number of bums on seats, when they are so much more! But I won’t get started on that, we all know what we are talking about.

I also tweet for my workplace. With this twitter I follow and engage with EU-related tweeps, and in our Europe Direct network we are one of the most well-regarded twitter streams (and you’ll know who we are if you follow the Europe Direct network activities). Or at least that’s what I’m told at meetings.

As @bumsonseats I tweet for my personal entertainment, development and interest, which involves tweeting about reading, books, libraries, daily life, cake, men, people I know, people I admire, strange things, the news, boredom, etc, etc; sometimes in Dutch, mostly in English.

RSS feeds
I love my Google Reader! It’s so useful and I actually manage to read stuff, as I’m not wasting time by checking every single website for new content. I should’ve used this much much earlier! The hours I have wasted…
I think it’s a good idea to subscribe to loads of blogs but I find it a bit overwhelming too (have you seen that cpd23 bundle!?!). Information overload isn’t so good either, so I’ll stick with about 20 blogs rather than 800! For now, anyway.

I haven’t used Pushnote yet.

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