Thing 5?

I guess this post already falls under Thing 5: Reflective practice.

I have learned a few bits and pieces and I am enjoying #cpd23 so far. But I am still not entirely convinced that I will carry on with an open library-related blog afterwards. Maybe I’m too impatient to stick to it? At the moment I actually think I will lock down previous entries once it’s all finished, as I don’t feel I’ve said anything majorly important to others. I know, I know. Someone will find it useful at some point. And I have had occasions where I looked at something old and seemingly irrelevant (to the person who had written it) online and it’s really helped me with what I was trying to do.
But – it’s all very well blogging about #cpd23 but I just don’t feel that I want (or have time) to write whole articles about library stuff. Twitter yes, that’s definitely useful but I used that before. I’m also glad that I got into Google Reader and setting time aside for that.
I have made a few new contacts so far, and I hope that some of them will stay in touch (follow me on twitter! LinkedIn! Facebook! -> contact me for details) but a full-grown blog? Hmm. I like my privacy and I will say what I want to say – but I don’t think I want it there for eternity. That still feels wrong to me and probably always will. Should it though? No. But even now I find things online that I asked about as a student and I feel a little silly and would like to erase stuff. It’s not even anything bad!

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