Note on Twitter (Thing 4)

If you have looked me up on twitter you’ll know that I protect my tweets. I am mainly doing this because it makes me feel safer. Somehow. I know that really it doesn’t actually make me safer. How could it. If you don’t want something traceable don’t write it down in the first place, I say.
Sometimes I wonder if I could get even more out of twitter if I unprotected my tweets, as I could then also reach people who don’t follow me (yet). It’s very useful to have my work twitter as well, because if I need to contact a library person I can still use that one and refer them to my personal twitter later.

If you want to follow me, please do. I might not remember to check my "real" twitter for a day or two because I use Seesmic in work, so don’t give up – I will get round to adding you as a follower. If you want to make sure I agree to your request, tweet me as well!

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