Week 4: Reflection Week

Just a quick update on reflection, now that I have read the official CPD23 post on reflective practice.

Thing 1: My own blog
I feel that blogging is useful to me but I am not sure I have much to say that is of interest to a lot of people. Maybe I should still keep going though, just in case I can even help one person.
What next? Keep my blog going throughout CDP23 and see how I feel about writing at the end of the programme. Keep using the blog for Dutch learning.

Thing 2: Other blogs
Thing 2 has reminded me that other people have really good things to say and I should try and keep up with what they are saying.
What next? Keep on reading.

Thing 3: Personal brand
This was a very interesting thing. I had googled myself before but looking at all the things that I do (or don’t do) online has made things a bit clearer.
What next?
Be braver. Share better.

Thing 4: RSS feeds, Twitter, Pushnote
RSS feeds:
GoogleReader, why did you not come into my life earlier? This kind of goes with Thing 2.
What next? Keep on reading and occasionally look at updating my feeds and preferences. There’s no point keeping something in my feeds if I just click “read” without reading it.
Twitter: Love Twitter.
What next? Keep on tweeting. Consider unlocking tweets.
Pushnote: Still not used. Not convinced I should try it if I can’t use it in work (for work).
What next? Try it if I get chance and am bored at home

Note on Thing 6
Nobody seemed interested in a lunchtime meetup in Leeds for next week, so I am not organising one. But don’t forget there’s an evening one on Wednesday!

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