Week 4: Reflection week

Main points of what we have we covered so far:
– My paranoia about privacy settings and sharing personal information
– My enjoyment of twitter
– The discovery of GoogleReader

What else should we (maybe) have covered?
– Cats in plant pots
– books I’m reading
– Intimacy and communication
– Why are we here

So here a quick correction of a few points:

 see http://joshspear.com/item/ji-lee-10-levels-of-intimacy/
I think it depends who the parties are in this and what your privacy settings are like on each tool. A private twitter chat can be very intimate too, you know.

my currently-reading shelf:
bumsonseats's book recommendations, liked quotes, book clubs, book trivia, book lists (currently-reading shelf)

Well, this is just some silliness as I am bored. I have already reflected a little bit for Thing 5: Reflective practice last week, even though it didn’t have much structure to it.

I have made little drawings of what I found useful and what I want to improve but I have no scanner nearby, so I’ll keep them to myself this time. I like the structure of:
What? How did it work out? What next?, and will think about it more during the week.

At the end of last week I had lost a bit of enthusiasm. I have made some new contacts but I feel that I haven’t necessarily learned much, or engaged much more than usual on a professional level. I’m pretty sure that this feeling is down to me completely and has nothing to do with the content of CPD23 (I have just read the sentence “professionalism is made up of attitude, behaviour and skills” on twitter and feel that I don’t measure up).
I have re-discovered my blog for learning though, and will hopefully get into my Dutch again a bit more. And thinking about CPD is good for me too! We are not even a third through the course after all, so there’ll be much more good stuff to come! I think I just need to work out how to get more involved in the professional dialogue. As much as I take part online I don’t necessarily have a real life network of engaged professionals nearby… help? I guess that most of my real-life networking has to happen in my free time; my work place is full of hurdles; so not sure how that is gonna go.
Yes, I am looking forward to Thing 11, it might make some things clearer and help me with my views on organisations like CILIP. And next week about networks should be very useful too.

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