Week 5: Online Networks/Real Life Networks

Thing 6 again.
I have just joined LISNPN (apparently you get connected to me automatically by clicking this link) and in the process deleted my Google+ account. Maybe I gave up on that one too early but it was too similar to all the other networks and I’m too lazy to move everyone over.
I hope LISNPN will not just turn out to be a duplication of contacts from Facebook, LInkedIn and twitter again but it’s focused on library and information professionals which is a bonus. Let’s see how it turns out for me…

I have also joined a few more groups on LinkedIn and even posted in some of them. Go me! 😉

I would also like to mention the very useful library groups on livejournal again (see previous post here). They are mainly US-based but you can easily connect with like-minded people and other professionals here as well.

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