not sure which Thing that is

I feel that I need to think about my online presence again. I was brave today and unprotected my tweets. Let’s see how long that’ll last! 😉
I have also added some blog posts on homelessness to this blog that I had written elsewhere (hence the dates not being today’s). But I think I should really pull it all together, even though I don’t feel brave enough to put my real name against twitter and blog yet. Any thoughts on that? By changing my mind all the time I probably do the worst thing possible! Creating chaos!
Now my twitter and livejournal are connected both ways, my Facebook and LinkedIn are under my real name but not connected to either twitter or livejournal. Not so bad, I think.
I have also signed up to LISNPN but I haven’t used my real name again. This is probably foolish but I’m not ready to connect twitter, blog and other networks. Help me! I might at least write a blurb for LISNPN.

This evening I also want to try and join the #cpd23 livechat but I’m on the info counter, so let’s hope it’s not busy.

And just to finish: I was angry on Friday but so many people were so very supportive on twitter that I feel much more positive this week. Thanks!

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