Library Day in the Life: Monday

This is my Monday, as part of the Library Day in the Life project. A snapshot of my working life, for what it’s worth.

Started work at 8.30am, after 45 mins walk listening to De Heideroosjes on my iPod. Got to work 5 minutes early.


  • Logged on to emails & Seesmic for work and private (but still professional) tweets,
  • checked (paper) diary for any appointments and to-do-lists for today,
  • checked Google Reader and email alerts for current awareness. Learned that Ireland seems to value their libraries in time of crisis.
  • Replied to a message from a former colleague about CPD23 on LinkedIn.


  • Checked the news headlines and started tweeting from work account. I will now be logged on to twitter for the rest of the day and try and catch as many tweets as possible.
  • Checked work’s blog for any new comments. I have only recently started to allow comments again, as we used to get a lot of spam and no real comments. Following the CPD23 programme has encouraged me to try again.


I have searched the library catalogue for a facsimile copy of the Gutenberg Bible from our special collections. It wasn’t listed but I know we’ve got it. Someone is coming to look at it tomorrow. Will have to go to the stacks and find it. I came across it by accident on the past, so will hopefully be able to locate it.


I’ve found the Gutenberg Biblica Sacra facsimile. It has a class mark sticker but must have not been copied from the card catalogue to the online catalogue. We don’t have the card catalogue anymore, so it’s a good job that I knew whereabouts bibles are in DDC. It’s actually under the class mark for Christian church history (270).

I have also been updated on latest tragedies around building: illness, depression and such. I wouldn’t call that gossip.


  • Had a quick glance at latest CPD23 post.
  • Emailed an MA student about her research query and tried to find volunteers to talk to her about information literacy. Emailed colleagues and hoping that someone else will volunteer. Got three positive replies last week but need six more if possible.


  • Attended Work Club (2 hours), learning about writing CVs and helped customers with basic IT queries.
  • Sorted a first interview date for MA student mentioned above.


  • Read latest CPD23 posts (Things 8 and 9) and written a blog post on them,
  • read blogs via Google Reader to see what other people are up to with CPD23 and Day in the Life.

2pm (just had one hours lunch break)

  • Ate cake,
  • followed twitter streams, bother personal and work,
  • read part of “The city & the city”,
  • bought waste paper basket for my bedroom,
  • updated my goodreads.


  • Contacted someone at Cornwall libraries via email about their staff training programme,
  • looked at Opening the Book’s Frontline course and CPD23 programme to get ideas for our own renewed staff training programme and made notes for upcoming meeting,
  • sent email to group members with links to look at before fist meeting about staff training,
  • tweeted,
  • read latest blog updates in Google Reader.


  • Got some Europe Direct freebies (notepads, folders) out for colleague who is running the Enterprise Club this evening,
  • checked timetables and noted down when I am covering the information counter,
  • booked meeting room for meeting with MA student (as above),
  • tweeted for work.


  • A colleague came for a chat about customers, staff training, appointments, colleagues, illness, travelling for work, voluntary early retirement. Lost track of time. Got some more ideas about staff training. Also had more cake at tea break (in the office).


  • Checked news headlines,
  • listened to about discussion about stock and what’s worth keeping as reference copies centrally,
  • read management board papers in case I have something to comment on (I didn’t),
  • checked Google Reader, read and commented on one new blog post,
  • typed up this blog post.

Finish at 5pm. Need to get my bag, coat and lunchtime shopping now, meet my mum for fish & chips dinner. A good day.

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