Week 6: Organising yourself

Thing 8: Google Calendar

At the moment I juggle seven calendars/diaries/things. Two of these are not for planning but to record what I have done already, so I guess really it’s only five. Hurrah! ūüėČ

So here we go:

  • at work I use my paper diary which doesn’t leave work but comes to meetings. It’s also my to-do list.
  • I’ve got a paper diary in my handbag which has very important work dates but mainy personal appointmentsand pretty pictures¬†in it,
  • I’ve got the Outlook Calendar on my work computer which only I can access,
  • at work we share a calendar via Sharepoint, so that everybody can see what everybody else is up to, especially if they need to find someone,
  • I have a 2011 calendar in my living room but haven’t hung it up yet,
  • I have a diary at work in which I record what I’ve done¬†each day,
  • I have a set of timesheets in case the European Commission wants to know what we do with their funding and how we match it.

I also have to remember to update our Facebook page’s calendar with upcoming events. It’s quite useful for checking what’s on where and when¬†if¬†I’m away from the office, so I can see that a Google Calendar could work for me if I was out and about more.

At the moment¬†Google Calendar¬†just feels like yet another place to put appointments though. I’ll never want to part with my paper diary (yes, I realise three is greedy!) as the internet regularly fails in work, and a lot of the other places I have to put my appointments anyway (Sharepoint, timesheets). Work colleagues can access my calendar on Sharepoint and I hardly have appointments with anyone who doesn’t work for my organisation, so we arrange things by email or telephone. I’ll definitely keep it in mind though, and at least I’ve had a practice run with it now.

Our current events programme is just¬†a boring pdf but as we’re waiting for a new¬†content management system for our website¬†I won’t dare suggest using Goggle Calendar instead.

Thing 9: Evernote

I have looked at the demo bit and this looks very¬†useful and easy to use. I know that¬†a lot of people I follow on twitter already use Evernote. As it’s something that needs downloading to a PC I cannot use it in work (not allowed to download anything).¬†I might have to have¬†a play at home.¬†Again, I feel that¬†things I cannot use in work are not much use to me unfortunately.¬†I love that Evernote can synchronise all your devices though, it would help organise my chaos and make sure I don’t duplicate or lose things.

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