Library day in the Life: Tuesday

My Tuesday, as part of the Library Day in the Life project.


  • Started work at 12.30pm after shopping and ice cream-filled morning.
  • Information manager found me straight away to ask if I could write an article about our promotional activities for Europe Direct. On to-do list.
  • Logged on to emails and twitter (work and private/professional).
  • Had an email that requested a visit from one of our partners at the university to find out more about our language exchange programme. Trying to find someone to meet them tomorrow as I’ll be on holiday.
  • Checked to-do list for today.


  • Booked my ticket for Library Camp 2011. (Should I have added my organisation even though I’m going for myself and am not meant to represent them? Ah well.)
  • Attempted to fill in student survey about classification systems but didn’t know enough about our local arrangement to be helpful.


  • Quick chat with info floor manager about meetings and when good dates are for them
  • Made notes for training preparation: “comparative shop exercise” for day of retail skills training in August. Will need to go to a shop for this.


  • Checked recent twitter replies and Facebook for any comments that need replying to & replied where necessary
  • Checked headlines from Europe for sharing on work’s twitter and Facebook
  • Printed ticket for Library Camp 2011
  • Printed information sheet on interview with MA student on Friday, about information literacy instruction
  • Looked through presentations from Umbrella conference. Saw that one of my colleagues held a presentation that I didn’t know he had taken there. Communication, anyone? (sorry, not trying to be grumpy librarian today)


  • Went to see colleague about interview with MA student (see above) and what we must not forget to mention. Also talked about CILIP accreditations, staff training solutions, software and content. Group meeting on Tuesday. Need to write thoughts down and look through previous web 2.0 group notes for content suggestions.


  • Checked lastest blog updates via twitter and Google Reader
  • Chatted to colleague about duty of care for our special collections (and customers accessing stock) as well as staff training needs/ideas


  • Had food break (30 mins), during which I talked to another colleague about staff training and need to not duplicate work
  • Checked twitter updates, read some blogs


  • Tried new online resource Who writes like…? Used to like the book version, so quite impressed we now have it online. Works well.
  • Looked through current Annual Plan and made list of what we need to still achieve
  • Children’s librarian came to see me about info literacy interview (see above) and share ideas. Out of this got another volunteer for MA student’s interview.
  • Talked with Development Librarian about professional development, leading subgroups (first time for me!), staff morale
  • Booked flip chart for a meeting next Tuesday. Also made notes for agenda.
  • Chatted with colleague about books and what we’re reading at the moment. We should really promote our lending stock more (we have some in the stacks of reference library, you see). Exchanged some recommendations.
  • Didn’t find anyone who could meet our partners at the university about our language exchange programme tomorrow. Emailed to suggest different date. It was short notice.


  • Just noticed that I didn’t write the article about about our promotional activities for Europe Direct yet. I have nine minutes.


  • Copied article from our own Europe Direct website and adapted slightly. Hope it’ll do. It’s just for a proposal and can be padded out later.
  • Home time.



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