Week 7: Librarianship training options

Thing 10 – Graduate traineeships, Masters Degrees, Chartership, Accreditation

Today’s CPD23 post is about how to become a librarian. Thanks to Charlotte for a good overview. I wrote about my own view late last week, and it’s not nearly as good (or objective, for that matter).

For Thing 10 we are encouraged to write about our experiences as a librarian, why we chose that career, where we are now and what the future plans are.

Personally I think that is quite a big task… I’ll make it quick, as otherwise it’ll take me hours.

I studied librarianship in Germany, where a Dipl.-Bibl. normally gets you as far as middle management. Subject librarians are usually expected to have a degree in a discipline/relevant subject and a librarianship qualification on top. I couldn’t decide which topic would interest me enough to specialise (possibly for life), so I went for the more generic route.

I came to England after finishing my degree, where I found a post as an academic library assistant, through a temping agency (via suggestion from a manager at that uni library who I had sent my CV to). I proceeded to work my way up, via being a summer-lets-move-the-whole-thing-round-between-two-library-branches assistant, a bookseller and retail manager (learned very useful skills for libraries, I have found! not just marketing but survival too), a subject librarian on a secondment (Tourism/Food/that kind of thing), a weekend librarian. Not necessarily in that order but it worked out fine and I am now a reference librarian in a public library.

I went into librarianship because I’m a curious person. I used to love my library (and my librarian) from being very little, have alway been an avid reader and crave information and knowledge. And where better to go and spend you day than the library! And get paid to find out about stuff, even if it’s for other people. People ask me things that I would not normally think of. Things I’d never look for/at if it was just for me. I find that very exciting! They ask for strange things too, by the way. And boring things. But generally it makes for an exciting time, and I can explore into all directions! 🙂

Future plans? Hmm. I think I just want to try and be the best I can be. I want the service I work for thrive and hope I can fight my “frustrations” enough to be able to help with that.

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