Week 8: Reflection

Thing 12: Reflection

Last week’s Things have given me food for thought. I need to rethink how active (or rather not active) I am in the library world and what I can improve to motivate myself and re-energise what I do (and where I do it).

This week we are invited to further think about “the role of social media in building up networks and a sense of community“.

I think I have used social media for my career development before CPD23 but not consciously. Now I am more aware of what I can get out of them, and will keep in touch with people I have met, both on- and offline.

Social media have definitely helped me make contact with people I wouldn’t normally be in touch with. This includes people in other libraries, sectors, countries, continents. It makes me feel like a member of a community (professional, helpful and friendly) and social media, especially twitter, take us out of our bubbles. Social media have helped me connect with people with an enthusiam that has helped spark mine again. Thanks.

PS. I still haven’t used Pushnote yet and I have no indication that it’ll be useful to me. It still doesn’t work on Internet Explorer (which I use in work), so I think I’ll give it a miss. All other tools introduced during CPD23 I have either used before, tried or still use now.

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