Week 9: Collaboration

Thing 13: Google Docs, Wikis and Dropbox

This week’s thing makes me realise that I should really use our internal Sharepoint platform more (and make people use it with me!). It offers all the things mentioned: it lets you share documents, lets you check documents in and out, so that users can work on the same document together (= Google Docs/Dropbox), and has wikis. We just don’t seem to use the tools (well) enough. For example, an email with a link to a document will some through but mainly to share a document, not to encourage that someone might change it, and often I still get attachments whenever someone wants me to look at something and amend things. I believe that somehow people don’t want things up on Sharepoint (and “out in the open”) until they are watertight and perfect, in case someone sees it and thinks “that’s no good, it’s not even ready”. But surely work in progress that’s visible is better than no sign of work?

I find Google Docs useful for storing stuff when I’m on the go, as I have access from wherever I am but generally I would only need that for work (and with people who work for the same organisation), so Sharepoint will do.

I had not heard of Dropbox before but again, it wants downloading and I can’t download in work, so will probably skip that one for now. It looks useful and might be an alternative to Sharepoint or Google I’ll investigate in the future.

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