Space planning

Yesterday afternoon I decided to finally get my ideas for a revamp of our reference library ready to be shown. I had scribbled some ideas down before but never with any measurements (and even now my measurements are estimates), and certainly not in a state to show any bosses.

After trying various software options I ended up using, which was recommended to me on twitter (thanks!).

I am putting my design idea on here to get some feedback from people who are not working with me, or who don’t know the space I work in at the moment (and why I like or dislike something about it), to get a more objective idea of what’s good or bad. Please let me know what you think, any feedback will be appreciated.

Our reference library is full of non-loanable stock at the moment but we also have five floors of stacks, and I’d love to bring out some loanable stock in the future, on a rota basis (themes/colours/?). It isn’t a strictly quiet space but we ask people not to use their mobile phones in the reading room.

It is also currently the space where newspapers (including back copies) are kept but I would like the newspapers to live in the lending library really. That’s why they are not included in my plan here. (By the way, the turquoise bits are book shelves.)

I want to only have specialist research/jobseekers PCs in the new reference library. We have various IT suites across the building for leisure use.

Looking forward to hearing what you think, and any ideas for improvements you may have.

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