Week 13: Catch-up week / reflection

Thing 19: Some time to think about how you might integrate the Things so far into your workflow and routines.

The most useful tool I have added into my workflow since starting the CPD23 programme is certainly Google Reader. I never used to be able to keep track on what to read and this tool has just made it so much easier!

On the whole, the programme has made me think about librarianship-the-profession more, rather than just day-to-day-what-needs-doing-stuff. It’s got me in contact with more lovely and helpful library people, and helped me regained enthusiasm for being a librarian and to keep up-to-date with stuff/keep thinking.

I’ve been a twitter fan for ages, so that’s not changed. I have registered on LISNPN but not done much with it. At the moment I want to use LinkedIn most, as I’ve gone off Facebook a bit (I have better things to do?). But generally I’m just glad to feel part of a community now, which otherwise I’m not sure I would have found just by myself.

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