Week 15: Careers

Thing 20: Library Day in the Life and Library Routes/Roots

I have taken part in the Library Day in the Life project this year and think it’s really good. I have had a look at Library Routes Project previously but as Laura points out, it’s a wonderful resource for a curious person.  I think it’s always fascinating how and why people end up in libraries (or any profession, really).

I wrote a bit about how I got into librarianship and where I am now for Thing 10.

By the way, when I was still in school the job centre computer suggested I become a priest (I am catholic!) or a nurse. I guess that’s close enough to being a librarian.

Where I work at the moment you don’t need a librarianship qualification to be a librarian. I’m not saying it is essential to have a qualification but I think it helps to have been on some training (which is provided inside the organisation, for outside training you generally have to make your own arrangements) and to have the passion for the job.

In Germany both librarians and library assistants enjoy several years of training, which alongside training provides them with a sense of pride for the profession. I think most apprenticeships do give you that sense, so maybe there should be more of them around in the UK.

Now a quick panic about linking to the Library Routes project…

I am (still) unsure whether to link to it though as this week (once again) I am unsure of how much I should share and whether I should just go ahead and reveal my identity. It’s coming up to library camp fast and it would be much easier to use my real name as so many people know anyway (having linked up with me on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.). The web 2.0 guidelines in work just are not clear enough, or I am just too paranoid.

If you identify yourself an employee […], you may be liable for disciplinary action if what you say, or write, brings the [organisation] into disrepute.


If you posted ‘I had a really rubbish day at work and my manager is an idiot’, and no-one knew where you worked, then that would not bring the [organisation] into disrepute, but remember that your ‘friends’ are likely to be aware of where you work.

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2 Responses to Week 15: Careers

  1. Ruth Jenkins says:

    I think if you are unsure about revealing your identity, then you shouldn’t, as you might regret it later on. You can always tell people in person at library camp if they ask if you have a blog, as why you are keeping your identity quiet is very reasonable.

  2. bumsonseats says:

    Hi Ruth, thanks so much for your comment.
    You’re right, it’s not something I can undo, I have to keep reminding myself.

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