Upcoming UKLibchat

The next UKLibchat is on Thursday (6th) and it’s about CPD23. I don’t think I’ll be free to participate, so I’ll just write a few sentences on each of the agenda items so far.

1. If you took part in #CPD23, which Thing has been the most rewarding for you?

The most rewarding thing in general was that I feel braver to share my ideas and thoughts, so it’s probably one of the earlier Things, encouraging me to open up (my profiles) and comment on people’s blogs. Being able to follow this programme has renewed my enthusiam and given me opportunity to meet new people. I doubt I’d be going to Library Camp this weekend without it.

2. What are the benefits of self-study online training such as #CPD23?

You can concentrate on the parts that are most relevant to you. If one Thing doesn’t interest you you can choose to skip it, or work on it at a later stage when it’s more useful or relevant. You would not be able to do that in a classroom environment without being really annoying.

You get to connect with a variety of people who you might not have met in a traditional classroom environment, so you learn from them too.

3. What are the disadvantages?

You can feel isolated. There might be nobody around to motivate you or chase up your work and you might drop out.

4. Do you think online training courses like this will become more common in the future?

Yes, as emlpoyers might see them as a cheaper solution for their organisations. The place where I work is looking at doing most of their staff training online and self-directed in the future. It’s to be seen if staff will take that up, how it’ll be controlled (if it will be) and how it’ll go.

Self-directed training is very useful for the individual when looking for training as you get more chance to train yourself even if the training course would not normally run in your local area. This will make programmes like this more common as well.

5. More generally, do you think it is important to continue to learn throughout your career? Why/why not?

I think it is very important to keep learning, both to keep up and to keep yourself interested in what you do. If you just do the same things in the same way for years you’re bound to get behind and become less efficient or relevant, as an employee and as part of your organisation. That’s why I’m always amzed when organisations don’t think it’s necessary to offer regular staff training. It’s not just for newbies, you know!

And I just read this sentence: “Libraries only work if there is a lot of learning going on among the staff”. Read the article!

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