Week 17: Final reflection

Thing 23: What have you learnt and where do you want to go from here?

I’ve unlocked my twitter account. I’ve fretted over privacy and sharing identities (and still do on a very regular basis). I am now using GoogleReader. I comment on other blogs related to libraries. These are the main points.

The best thing that I got out of the CPD23 programme is definitely that I feel more involved with the library world. I have attended Library Camp, I have made more contacts on twitter due to unlocking my account, I have met library bods from outside my work place who work in the same city as me and nearby. I will go for drinks with some of them this week. Nice.

Will I keep blogging? Hopefully yes. I still feel very self-conscious when I post and sometimes I just want to take posts back as soon as they hit the internet. But I want to be brave. Lots of people have been very encouraging, thanks! 🙂 I also worry that I won’t have much to say, to be honest. Not stuff that’s relevant enough or “correct”. There is a very vocal group of people out there already and they make me shy. Not your fault but it’s true. I also over-think a lot and worry too much, I know that.

I still have to catch up on the referencing and presentation tools presented during CPD23 but generally I think I’ve done okay.

I always have a list of what I need to do to fill potential gaps and my workplace does a 6-monthly PDP thing. I also have monthly meetings with my line manager to keep me on track. Nothing to worry about then. In that respect I feel organised enough. I think it’s very important to have an up-to-date CV at all times and to be aware of what you achieve (or not). And especially in times like this you never know what’s round the corner. Exciting!

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3 Responses to Week 17: Final reflection

  1. Lauren says:

    Thanks for becoming vocal despite your worries; I think that is the best bit about cpd23. My library twitter feed seems to keep pointing back to the same handful of super active communicators and we need to add to the mix!

  2. bumsonseats says:

    Thanks for the encouragement, Lauren. 🙂

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