Now that I have finished the CPD23 programme it became time to play with Diigo, which is a bookmarking service that is used a lot in e-learning and has popped up quite a few times in things I’ve read lately.

I haven’t looked my delicious bookmarks in a while, partly because of the mess they might be in (both mine and delicious’s fault), so tidying them and trying a new platform go together quite well.

After ages spent trying to log into delicious (and what I thought my username was was my username!) it was easy to import my delicious bookmarks into Diigo. I  also managed to get the Diigolet (booksmark) into my Favourites bar as I can’t download the Diigo toolbar at work.

From first impressions I like Diigo better than delicious because there’s more collaboration possible and the search is better (full text!). It also looks sleek. Diigo has made a handy little list of why they might be better too but that’s obviously biased. There’s another good breakdown here.

I am not being very social on diigo at the moment as most of my links are private and I have to have a weed through first. I haven’t worked out how to make all of them public in one smooth move – should have done that when they were still in delicious. Ah well. It’ll be interesting to see what I’ve actually saved. And sooo useful in the future!

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