All change

It’s a big day today. I’ve changed my twitter name to my real name (it’s still @bumsonseats, don’t worry). I have sent off my application form to re-join CILIP.

Now that I’ve “come out”, so I re-think the 23  Things? A lot of the time I felt like I had to hide bit about myself, for example in Library Routes/Roots. But you can look me up now, so I won’t re-do the whole Thing. Ask if you have questions.

CPD23 has been a massive learning curve about online identity and I’ve fretted a lot (as you know). @kevupnorth has been very helpful yesterday and I’ll blame him for everything – no, not really 😉 There have been others along the way who have been helpful with both my online identity search and my CILIP questions. Thanks to all of you.

Me and Randy Weasel at Library Camp UK, 2011

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