SlideShare and Prezi

This Thing has taken me a very long time as, even though I got some time in work to do my CPD23 training, I couldn’t do this in work. And prezi really wants a lot of my time! We don’t have Flash on our work computers and for some reason I couldn’t sign up to SlideShare as I wasn’t able to see the secret letter authorisation code in Internet Explorer (or Firefox, actually).

Anyway, Safari let me sign up to SlideShare at home and after that everything went very smoothly. I managed to upload a presentation I prepared a while ago. I don’t present using prepared slides very often, so I’m not sure how useful SlideShare will be to me as a sharing tool but it’s a very easy-to-use tool and incredibly useful for looking at other people’s presentrations, especially from conferences I can’t attend myself.

I was quite curious to see how Prezi works as I have heard mixed reviews. Some say that their students get very excited when your prezi does it’s thing. Others said that students claimed to get seasick from it. Personally I think it’s a presentation style that doesn’t work for ever situation but can be quite fun if you can’t get away with just a flipchart and some mad drawing.

I used the material from the presentation I uploaded to SlideShare (see above), as I didn’t have enough time to come up with a new topic. I’m hoping to do a prezi on LinkedIn for work though, just to practise some more.

I found it difficult to decide which template to use for my prezi. The blank one was too daunting (at first) and the others just a bit too much. I went for the “our project” one as it seemed to make most sense to me, and also also because I liked the colour scheme and it might be useful for future collaborations. That didn’t work for me at all! I started again with a blank presentation. That was much easier than trying to change an existing tenplate. My first prezi is very basic but I can see the potential of it and will keep playing.

Prezi is not intuitive to me and you need a lot of patience and time for creating anything in it. I presume this gets better with practice and time, as most things do.

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