Schiphol’s Airport Library

The Airport Library at Schiphol Airport is everything I hoped it would be. It’s beautiful, and right next to a branch of the Rijksmuseum too!

Every library person I have spoken to is impressed by the sleak-looking Airport Library (it’s all very i-library). It’s so simple: give people some comfy seating, some e-resources, some reference books, some, open space and peace and quiet. In this library there are free resources about the Netherlands and its culture, which are interesting to everyone, whether they are visiting the country, have just visited or are just travelling through. I saw people studying there, some chilling, some reading, some listening to resources (in-built speakers in the chair!). It’s clean and tidy and people respect the space. Every airport should consider having a library. It doesn’t have to be big.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to meet the lovely Airport Librarian this time, who I sometimes tweet with and whose blog is very good for my Dutch learning.

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