What is a new CILIP member to do?

I have received my membership pack in the post last Saturday: welcome letter, receipt of membership fees, two issues of CILIPUpdate with gazette. No Welcome Brochure, even though it was mentioned in the letter. I emailed the Membership Team immediately and they were quick in sending me a pdf version.
I had already activated my online membership and signed up to e-bulletins etc. when I got my membership email (prior to the pack in post – that’s a nice touch, and gives you the opportunity to use CILIP’s resources as soon as you join, rather than waiting for the postal service). I think it would be good to send out the welcome brochure as a pdf in the same (first) email, rather than making it part of the postal pack.

I am lucky because I had already made some connections with CILIP folk on twitter and at Library Camp 2011 but I don’t think I know many people from my local area who are CILIP members (or who are open about it, I guess).
I think for a new joiner going to a branch meeting is daunting. It would be nice to have a buddy, someone to help you take those first baby steps. This could be something you can opt in once your membership pack arrives in the post. With social media it should be easy enough to coordinate, no?
Having looked at the CILIP website and seeing how different groups use the site (some well, others not at all) I wish it was more standardised, to make it easier to see what’s on offer. At least I found a list of social networking accounts, even though not all of them seem to still be active.
Please CILIP, help new joiners to make the most of their membership by making it personal!

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11 Responses to What is a new CILIP member to do?

  1. I’m not sure where you’re based but in my branch (London) I think there are just too many people to implement a buddy system. That said I really hope that coming to an event isn’t intimidating as we just hire a room and buy some chips – seems informal enough to cater for all…

    I’m sure there must be plenty of CILIP members in your area and do go along to some events to find out!


  2. Hello,

    Thanks for the buddy idea – it’s an interesting one that I’ve never heard before so I will share your blog post with colleagues of mine and see what happens.

    If you want to get in touch with CILIP remember that you can ask @CILIPinfo questions on Twitter and if you have queries about your membership then contact the membership team: http://bit.ly/txU0AJ

    Any other enquiries can be directed to the member advisers here: http://bit.ly/vdprzd

    Finally, since you’re now a CILIP member and a blogger, perhaps you’d like to join the CILIP members blog landscape? More info here: http://communities.cilip.org.uk/blogs/cilipmembers/about.aspx

    All the best,

    Richard Hawkins

    • bumsonseats says:

      Hi Richard,
      thanks for your comment. Let me know how the buddy idea develops.
      I already follow @CILIPinfo, as you know, and the membership team have been really helpful so far as well.
      I saw the blogging landscape invite that was sent earlier today on twitter but was a bit shy about signing up because of “Blogs need to demonstrate a wider awareness of professional issues”. I also don’t want to say where I work. Would that be a problem?

      • Hi,

        According to my interpretation of “Blogs need to demonstrate a wider awareness of professional issues” – your blog fits the bill.

        With regard to saying where you work, this is not a requirement, but we do require you to state your real name – which is likely to give the game away to be honest.

        Anyway, it’s up to you just get in touch if you want to join up.



      • bumsonseats says:

        Thanks šŸ™‚ I’ll think about it.

  3. Jo Alcock says:

    Great idea – I’d love to be able to offer more support for new members. My problem (as a branch committee member) is that I don’t know who our members are or when new members join. I appreciate that there are data protection legalities but I’m sure there must be a way to opt-in so that your branch and groups know that you have joined and can contact you to see if there’s anything you’d like to know or what you would like them to do for you.

    It’s something I keep raising and I’m going to keep doing so until something happens about it – I might use your post to highlight this issue if that’s OK?

  4. Carl Clayton says:

    Hi Carolin
    You may be interested in SINTO – the information partnership for Yorkshire and north Derbyshire. SINTO is a consortium of library and information services (and not individual librarians) so i don’t know if your library is a members, but you might be interested in out online community of practice and programme of events. See our website at http://www.sinto.org.uk or follow me – @Sintocarl

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