Why don’t all public libraries get involved with their local airport to make customers happy and less bored?

A lot of public library services now offer e-books and e-audio resources. Most airports have some sort of wifi, if not always free or reliable. But a lot of people have internet-enabled phones anyway and would probably be happy to use their internet allowance to get something to entertain them during their flight and waiting times.

Ideally you would open a staffed library branch at your local airport. If that’s not feasible you could have an information stall every so often, or distribute flyers to make people aware of your e-resources and how they can access them. Ideally they would be able to join your library service at the airport (they have their passports as proof of ID), or online where they would be issued with a (possibly temporary) borrower number. Otherwise you could target your current users to start with – but hopefully they already know about your resources and use them regularly.

See what you can do, it’s always worth asking!

Examples: Taiwan and Florida Library

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4 Responses to Airports

  1. Bart Janssen says:

    Do you know the Airport Library at Schiphol Airport Amsterdam?

    As far as I know this was the first Airport Library in the world.

    Succes met het leren van Nederlands, btw 😉


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