CILIP Members Blog Landscape

I have decided that I’ll add my blog to the CILIP Members Blog Landscape. Thanks to @CILIPinfo for the encouragement!

What is that landscape then? Their webpage states:
“In the ‘Blog Landscape’ you’ll find blog posts from some of the brightest bloggers in the CILIP membership, all displayed in one place so you can easily keep track of what’s going on.
Aggregated blogs include those from members just starting out in the profession to CILIP Trustees, Chartership candidates and many other experienced information professionals in a variety of different sectors.”

“There are only three rules for selection at present:
– Links will only be made to CILIP member and staff personal blogs. NB: Our definition of staff in this instance has been broadened to include associated ‘staff’ ie. people who work with CILIP as trainers or authors tick
– Blogs need to be attributed – we want visitors to know who is writing I was a bit worried about this one but seeing that I use my real name now, that was silly. I did doublecheck with my manager though, just to be sure.
– Blogs need to demonstrate a wider awareness of professional issues” been reassured that my blog’ll do 🙂

I feel pretty special about the suggestion that my blog should be part of this.

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6 Responses to CILIP Members Blog Landscape

  1. theatregrad says:

    I had similar reservations when asked to join the CILIP Members Blog Landscape. I had never consider being part of it (until approached by CILIP!) because I was worried by blogging wasn’t good enough at covering professional issues…sometimes I still worry that this is the case but its a good motivator for staying on track at least.

  2. Jo Alcock says:

    Welcome to the CILIP Members Blog Landscape 🙂

  3. Alan Green says:

    Hello. I’ve just joined the CILIP blog landscape too. Good luck with it. I’ll look out for your posts.

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