Sourcing free-to-use Digital Media #digitalmedia

Another useful event organised by the JISC Regional Support Centre, this time about finding free-to-use, copyright-cleared digital media resources for use in teaching and learning. It was presented by John Hargreaves (@JBGRamone), supported by Scott Hibberson (@scotthibberson) and Kev Campbell-Wright (@kevupnorth).

The session was held on Blackboard Collaborate and here are my notes from the session:

  • short intro to online environment by Scott
  • session to promote good practice in locating images, video, digital media
  • JISC Legal – for free copyright advice
  • make sure you know what you’re looking for before you start (as every good information professional knows)
  • looking critically at search engines
  • what media type do you need?
  • does what you’re looking for actually exist?

Search tips

  • how big is the collection: if small you can browse, otherwise better search properly
  • use the help pages
  • use the advanced search and filters
  • do a test search to see how items are catalogued
  • look at your search terms, spelling, ambiguity -> if you’re looking for something America, use American spelling
  • related items/searches

Search engines

  • copyright issues -> can be time-consuming to find out what the copyright situation is
  • access to content -> what is actually found, e.g. databases
  • image and sounds quality issues
  • the copyright symbol (little c in a circle) is not obligatory!
  • works are copyrighted when created -> rights can change afterwards though
  • traditional laws are unclear in digital context -> Hargreaves Review of IPR

Copyright and other rights

  • employer owns copyright for anything you create in work time
  • the bit about rights was good: copyright exceptions, moral rights, performing rights, recording rights -> I took some notes but you better go to JISC Legal or

Creative Commons Licenses

  • Creative Commons website, and a video suggested by @nathancobb
  • when using Creative Commons items make sure you check that the sharer actually owned the content to share it

Some links to resources give at the end of the session (most of those I haven’t yet explored)

Like some of the other participants I had expected more about actual sources but Scott Hibberson’s blog post on a digital media session from last December  covers that area nicely, and of course there’s the list above. I also suggest you have a look at the JISC Digital Media pages online (here and here). They are @jiscmedia on twitter.

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