Library Camp’s little brother: #libcampnw12 #libcampnw

The ticket’s for the Northwest’s first Library Camp are out today! Get yours before they all go (there’s only 30). It’s taking place in Manchester’s Madlab on Saturday 28 January 2012. Click here for the Eventbrite page.

From the official Library Camp website: What is libcampnw12

In short it is libcampuk12 annoying younger brother. Not as big or as clever as libcampuk12.

But a whole lot more fun.

Shameleesly stealing his older siblings fabulously fashionable un-conference format and bringing a familial familiarity. Libcampnw12 wants to ease your grief and let you re-connect with the joy that was, (and will be) Library Camp.

Our crack team of  in house medjiahadin observed, absorbed and reserved The Manchester Digital Laboratory, Madlab, for the afternoon of the 28th of January from 13:00hrs through 17:00hrs.

The good/amazing news is that those lovely community minded folk at Madlab are not charging us a single bean for this event. It is because of this generosity we are able to bring this event to you now. Whilst hot drinks will be available there will be a charge, with all the profits going to Madlab itself. All donations of cake/cookies/breads/biscuits and other lard/flour combinations will be gratefully accepted, consumed and leftovers donated.

There’s already a wikispace for this regional library camp of course. There you can find out more about session ideas, how to pitch for a session, what it is all about.

I’d like to talk about reference and information libraries within the public library service at libcampnw12. What do we have to do to bring reference departments (in public libraries) into the future? Or is the whole concept outdated and what could/should replace them? -> Is anybody interested in this?

I signed up to help organise this thing (and Library Camp 2012), because Library Camp 2011 (the big one!) was so exciting and made me even more passionate about librarianship and all that goes with it. I’ve met lots of interesting people through getting involved and am all excited about the next chance to meet new and old colleagues and friends. For libcampnw12 Richard (@richardveevers) and Sue (@shedsue) have really done most of the work so far (thanks!!!). We have decided that ideally we’d meet up to see Madlab before January, so I will write about this when it happens. Might even fit a visit to the Christmas market in, if I’m lucky. 🙂

By the way, it looks like the main Library Camp 2012 will take place in Birmingham’s Maple House again, sometime in the autumn. Follow @librarycamp on twitter for that. And contact me if you want to sponsor part of Library Camp, or you know someone who does. The official sponsorship brochure can be seen here.

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