Library Camp NW in Manchester: #libcampnw

Last week me, Sue (@shedsue) and Richard (@richardveevers) met up in Manchester to have a look at the venue for Manchester’s first Library Camp, and plan how we can best use the space and time available on the day.

The venue I’m talking about is The Manchester Digital Laboratory (also known as Madlab; @MadLabUK on twitter), which is “a community space for people who want to do and make interesting stuff”. It’s not a polished space, the furniture doesn’t match and looks partly handmade, it’s full of cables and other random stuff (there’s a small aquarium, for example), and it’s cosy and raw. I liked it a lot and think you will too!

Library Camp NW will take place in the afternoon of Saturday 28 January 2012. All tickets have gone but if you don’t have one follow @librarycamp on twitter, in case any are returned and up for grabs before the event.

At Library Camp Northwest there will be hot drinks available in exchange for donations to Madlab. As at Library Camp 2011, you are invited by bring cakes, cookies, breads, biscuits and such.

Please share any session ideas and recipes on the wiki:

By the way, the twitter hashtag for this event is #libcampnw.

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