Reading in 2012

I read 145 books in 2011. This is a lot more than I had expected and if I didn’t record them I probably would only remember half of them anyway. I already have another 18 books on my to-read list and another 22 pages of books on my kindle that I have downloaded but not yet read. Free and cheap downloads, you temptresses!

On the World Book Night blog, Julia writes about her new year’s resolutions.
She has some good ones there, e.g. reading aloud (I can totally recommend!!) and reading outside your comfort zone.
Also: Give up on a book if you’re not enjoying it. So true! Life’s just too short to waste time with books you don’t enjoy. Maybe that’s why I’m not a member of a book club. Although I like reading outside my usual reading choices – and a book club is excellent for that – I like my own choices too much. I read all across the spectrum anyway, which surely comes from working in a public library and coming across so many different books on a daily basis.

A tip from me: Use your phone/iPod to read on. That way you don’t waste time with emails, social networks or games when you’re waiting for the bus (and such) but can read whenever you got some spare time. Even ten minutes make me happy if it’s a book I enjoy.

Join me on Goodreads if you fancy sharing what you read.

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