Code Year – lessons 1-3

Code Year, run by Codeacademy, is an introduction to JavaScript. The screen you open when signing up is a basic one, where you have a grey field (apparently that’s called a console) on the right to type your commands into. Next to it you are given instructions on what to type and feedback/information once you’ve done that. There’s also an option to receive hints, and as soon as you’ve followed the instructions you are shown what you created. You can skip backwards to revise what you’ve learned so far and do it again, especially as the programme adds previous tasks to new tasks.

I found that I need to concentrate a lot and go back to my notes. I guess it is very similar to learning any language – you need to learn your vocabulary and grammar!

The first session was about the very basics:

  • Typing my name: “Carolin” <- the quotation marks are vital. Without them you get an error message
  • Finding out how many letters there are in my name: “Carolin”.length
  • Do basic maths, such as 2+2 (needs no extra programming)
  • Confirmation window to make the programme more interactive: confirm (“message“); same with alert windows: alert (“message“)
  • Creating a variable. This is so the programme remembers things, e.g. my name: var MyName
  • Variables are case-sensitive, and to assign a variable you use the equal sign. var myName = “Carolin”

I wonder how much time is estimated for each session. Does anyone know of any guidelines?

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