Chartership and stuff

As I wrote last July, I don’t understand chartership and some other CILIP stuff. I re-joined CILIP later in the year and have talked to a lot of people in and outside CILIP. Most of them are great but I am pretty sure we would have met without CILIP anyway (library camps?). I enjoy reading the Update magazine, but apart from that and my blog badge I don’t feel much involved. Of course, you will probably say that is because I haven’t made enough of an effort but even getting to regional and interest group newsletters seems complicated enough (I still haven’t got them all regularly).

And chartership… Why is a librarianship foreign degree on the same level as an ACLIP plus professional experience (Pathway 2)? Is it worth less than a UK degree because that degree is part of a different HE system? Surely if it is good enough to be employed in a professional post it should be good enough for CILIP. (By the way, the university where I did my degree now offers CILIP-accredited courses, so that’s really good for current students – but: the course content is very much the same as it was when I did it and it wasn’t accredited.)

As you will have read, I also really don’t agree with the fact that you lose your chartership status when you stop paying CILIP membership fees. Chartership is treated like an extra qualification when it has no clear targets that need to be achieved during your chartership time and you only need to improve from the level you start from rather than reach a certain (established) level. So how does paying your fees keep up your skills after you handed in your portfolio? There should be a yearly target or some checking up on what you’d been up to. Keeping up your skills is important but does CILIP really do that?

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4 Responses to Chartership and stuff

  1. Carolin says:

    Read Tina’s post about the Body of Professional Knowledge and CILIP, as she has some really good points in that

  2. J. K. Barlow says:

    I asked about Pathway 2 just yesterday and received a rather evasive response:!/CILIPcpd/status/194349209711943680 “In practice” doesn’t really get you out of it, IMO.

    • Carolin says:

      That’s interesting (and not surprising, to be honest)!
      I think there are special arrangements with ALA and ALIA – I wonder if it’s a language thing?

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