Things 1&2

I haven’t signed up for CPD23 again this year but will try and look at my posts from the last round every week and make a few notes on impressions and thoughts. Also, linking to this useful and exciting programme might bring it to a few more people who might have otherwise missed out (do it, it’s great!).

Thing 1: Blogs and blogging

Thing 2: Other blogs

Looking back at last year’s posts I can see that I was indeed very excited to start the programme.
Since then I have moved my Livejournal Dutch-learning blog to WordPress and concentrate on library-related things here.
I have gotten into the habit of checking GoogleReader for new blog posts from people that write interesting stuff. Some days it’s easy to catch up, other days it’s manic as lots of people seem to post at the same time (especially if they follow something like Bogjuen or cpd23). I comment on blogs if I feel I can contribute and cpd23 has definitely helped me to use blogs more efficiently. Through lookinga t other people’s blogs I have made new contacts and learn something new nearly every day.

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