Thing 3: Personal brand

Last year I spent a long time thinking about my personal brand and all its implications. I worried a lot and have since found that being “out there” is actually not that scary.

Out of the posts about online identity and personal brand my my favourite post is this one: link

Since last year I have found a better way to present myself online, I think. As much as I (and others) loved my Mills & Boon inspired profile picture I feel that since “outing” myself with my real name and (later) picture it’s easier to network at real life events. I needed to “hide” my identity before being confident enough to realise that my views and opinions count for something and that nobody will bite my head off.

I started my CPD23 blogging on my Livejournal originally, as I did not imagine I would blog professionally much. Now I realise it’s better to separate my language learning (personal) and library (professional) blogs. My twitter is still a merge of private and professional things, and my goodreads is personal, but I have started using my real name for all of them (goodreads and Livejournal only on first name terms).

Name used. Using my real name for everything, sometimes (when using something for personal use) only my first name.

Photograph. A semi-professional photo for Facebook and LinkedIn; a different semi-professional picture for blog and twitter. My blog and twitter picture is more fun/light-hearted, I think, and wouldn’t quite suit LinkedIn.

Professional/personal identity. Tried to keep it separate and failed. Not a bad thing.

Visual brand. I use my photograph/avatar as my visual brand. Seems to work so far.

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