Thing 10: Chartership

This week’s cpd23 post is about library training and qualifications in the UK. There is an interesting discussion going on in my twitter stream at the moment. It’s about chartership and what it’s for. (For regular readers – its’ more or less an extension of this previous post.)

CILIP Chartership doesn’t expire. Once you’ve got it you’ve got it for life – well, actually only as long as you pay CILIP membership fees! You lose your chartership status if you leave CILIP. But if you rejoin at a later date you rejoin chartered. As usual when it’s about chartership I have a few questions (sorry @CILIPcpd, I know you’ve answered a few already).

  • How is chartership a qualification? I didn’t think you can lose a qualification (because you don’t pay membership fees).
  • How is it a tool for continuing professional development if nobody checks if you are still developing yourself and your skills once you have the letters behind your name? @CILIPcpd assured me that according to CILIP byelaws Chartered members must maintain CPD – but how does CILIP check?
  • Why do I hear that you only understand how great chartership (and the process that comes with it) is once you’ve done it? Most things you buy you research and only buy if they are worthwhile (at least in the price category of £100+).
  • Do chartered accounts, lawyers etc. have to revalidate their chartered status?

I think revalidation (or something like it*) cannot be an option but should be part of staying chartered, if chartership is taken serious as a CPD tool for learning and reflection and actually means something. Otherwise you might as well just be as committed in your CPD and development without paying money to an organisation (and you can use the saved money to attend training, for example).

*To make it less involved but still valid @tinamreynolds suggested annual CPD records to be submitted plus spotchecks, which I think is a good idea.

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2 Responses to Thing 10: Chartership

  1. gazjjohnson says:

    “Annual CPD records to be submitted” – to be checked by whom? 14,000 odd member records is no trivial task. Not an affordable or sustainable approach I fear.

    • Carolin says:

      The whole scheme is based on mentor-mentee relationships while you work on your chartership, so I don’t see why the mentor could not be one for life (or a fixed period at least) and check the yearly updates of their mentees. That surely can’t take that long?

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