Networking for Work

I am one of the people being trained to support the pilot phase of the Networking for Work project that is rolled out across various UK Online centres.

The website states: “Networking for Work is a new project by grass roots training experts  Talk About Local to help unemployed people take control of their online presence and promote themselves to employers. ”

In the library where I work we have already presented training sessions on twitter and LinkedIn for jobseekers, with our own materials, so a lot of this is not new.

The training consists of three webinars; I have so far attended one. We are guided through the presentations we can use for training and can also ask questions. The materials are well presented and will be useful for training both staff and members of the public.

Session 1: The benefits of an online profile and getting started with building your presence

  • Introduce trainers in your UK online centre to project.
  • Give a presentation on ‘The benefits of an online profile – how an online presence online can help a jobseeker and how to be aware of and manage the risks.’
  • Go through training resources on getting started with building an online profile, including creating a professional-sounding email address and a LinkedIn profile.

Session 2: Assessing your current online profile and using the web to demonstrate your skills

  • Assessing your current online profile: searching Google, Facebook, Twitter, online photos, etc. for publicly available personal information.
  • How to deal with the findings: changing privacy settings on Facebook and other social networks, untagging yourself in content where possible, approaching others to remove/untag content they’ve published about you.
  • Using the web to demonstrate your skills: using simple platforms (blogs), multimedia (pictures, video, audio) and social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to really show off what you can do and bring your CV to life!

Session 3: Delivering the Talk About Work training in your UK online centre

  • Issues that may be faced during training delivery: helping trainees adjust to becoming more ‘public’ online, dealing with resistance to trying new methods with jobseeking, etc.
  • A run-through of our resources and how to use them.
  • Ongoing support from the Talk About Local team.
  • Feeding back your findings and outcomes.

You can find general resources and resources for trainers on the Networking for Work website.

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