Catchup post

One evening this week I would have attended my first PTLLS class if I had decided to sign on this year. I haven’t, and I’m glad. It’s the third week in my new job and I go to bed at about half past nine every night. I obviously need my sleep to process all the things I learn. I enjoy the new environment and the new people. I am starting to find my way around the campus (I carry a map in my bag at all times!) and haven’t had to walk too many extra miles. In the next few days I need to work on my possible objectives for the coming year, which is part of my probation period.

I also have a few busy weekends coming up. Not necessarily work-related but still busy (and exciting!!). This weekend I’m going to Blackpool; the weekend after that is Light Night (on Friday); then it’s already Library Camp UK 2012. I haven’t decided what to bake yet or even what session to lead – if any (I put some proposals down on the wiki though).


About Carolin

Gas station attendant of the mind (librarian), learner, reader, googler, traveller, library camper. My personal views.
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