Today I claimed my workplace as a Foursquare venue (See here how it works. I’ll also add some photos below). Once I manage the venue officially I will be able edit the information on the venue’s page, which is why I wanted to claim it in the first instance as some information is inaccurate. The claim process will take three to four weeks, so at least I have time to work out details of what I want to do once the venue is mine. Apparently I will be able run competitions and advertise to my users. I also quite like the idea of treasure hunts.

I have only recently signed up to Foursquare. It’s taken me this long because on first glance Foursquare looks a bit “creepy” for the individual user. But after some research I realised that it isn’t all about sharing where you are, offering people to stalk you (more easily) and to collect points but that it can do more than that (For example, that I can find a coffeeshop nearby). I have further come across some articles about Foursquare for business use and I can see how that could work for me and my organisation. Scott Hibberson has written some blog posts about Foursquare that I find quite useful: Foursquare and Libraries: Useful tool or pointless faff? and Five top tips to get the most out of Foursquare. There are lots of other websites with hints and tips for Foursquare use out there, have a look.

You can check into a Foursquare venue with your mobile device or on a PC. (Note: You cannot become the mayor of somewhere unless you check in on a mobile device.)

I’ll write about my experience with managing a venue when my claim has been activated.

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