What? Me considering chartership as an option for CPD? Really? I can’t believe it myself, to be honest. Especially not after all the contra arguments I have collected over the past couple of years. Why now? What’s changed?

Not a lot has changed concerning my views of the chartership process but it turns out you can backdate CPD activities for your chartership portfolio and the process doesn’t have to take two years from when you register (as I had previously thought). I have done a lot of things already that I could use for my evidence folder. Further, and that’s probably one of the main reasons, I have to follow a development plan for work this year (part of my probation), so whilst writing that earlier in the week it felt a lot like writing a personal development plan (with specific work-related objectives thrown in) and I decided that I should use the energy I’m putting into that for other things/aims at the same time. That’s when chartership came to mind. I am still not fully convinced that it is a real qualification but if it means I can use work I am doing anyway and get a qualification out of it – why not. It is definitely well regarded by some UK and even international organisations and seeing that I will probably stay a member of CILIP after November I might as well go for it.

I am now in search of a mentor. I have formally contacted someone just round the corner from my workplace and informally two people I know from twitter and library camps. I’m not sure who I should go for – someone I know and like, or someone new? Decisions decisions. Yes, I guess it also depends on them of course.

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