Learning outcomes from #libcampuk12

What are your concrete outcomes from #libcampuk12? What will you do differently in your job/life in the future because of attending?

I have asked this question on twitter yesterday, yet I am not sure what my own reply is. Let’s see what happens while I write this post…

As I have changed jobs recently I didn’t have any concrete problems or things that I brought to this library camp, as I am still learning how things work in the new place and why we are doing things a certain way. I will only be able to question and change once I know what the rationale for a process is at the moment and then I might decide that I don’t agree or it just doesn’t make sense. At previous library camps I always had specific questions, ideas or needs that I wanted to deal with, e.g. how to plan a library space, how to motivate myself or how to implement a new idea at work.

I believe that all this made it harder for me to get the most out of the event. I also didn’t chat to as many new people as I had hoped. There were a lot of people I knew from previous events and by the time I had caught up with most of them the day was over.

There are still some points I am taking away from the day though:

  • I have found out about some more games and game-y things that I can explore, even if that isn’t necessarily for work. I am not a gamer and was never a good loser. It’s a big exciting mystery to me.
  • I must find a better system to not just hang round with people I know at events. There is always a temptation to do this as many of them I don’t see at any other times but I know I am good at networking and meeting new people at conferences and events. This time I realised that how well I socialise depends too much on my mood (yes, believe it or not) and possibly sugar intake.
  • I am good at introducing people to each other who should have met ages ago. (No, not as in match-making but I could try if you have someone in mind.) How can I use that better?
  • I must also write the topics I am meant to discuss with people I hardly ever see in my hand (or somewhere else obvious). I was meant to have two conversations on Saturday that I didn’t have because I forgot (and the other people didn’t bring it up either – ahem!).
  • I had my first meeting with my chartership mentor and I think I understand how to approach my PPDP now.
  • I have enthused people to possibly arrange two more library camps: Ireland and Sheffield.
  • And now for aiming high: try to build a world (or at least a camp) without doors. They inhibit people to enter/leave discussions. Library Camp Leeds sessions took part in one large hall (later park) and it was much easier to join other sessions and groups.

One quick question: Are there any unconferences for language learning providers/resource centres yet?

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3 Responses to Learning outcomes from #libcampuk12

  1. Michelle says:

    Perhaps you could propose a speed dating type session at the next Library Camp??

  2. Carolin says:

    That is an excellent idea, Michelle! Will you remind me ?

  3. Annie says:

    I agree with the no-door policy! One or two of the sessions I was in turned out to be not that relevant to me, but I would have had to cross the circle to get to the door, probably making a lot of noise as I did so, and I decided that would feel like too much of a ‘statement’ so stayed put. A camp in a park sounds like a very good idea!

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