Thing 23 is here again

I missed most of CPD23 this year as I was busy with other things and because I didn’t want to repeat things I had done before without learning from them (again). This year’s Thing 23 is one I want to think about though (last year’s post is here), especially as it fits in well with my chartership process. For that I also need to do a SWOT analysis and set SMART goals. I have been lucky that during most of career employers have offered an annual review scheme and I have always had targets that I worked towards. I guess that’s pretty much SWOT/SMART. I think that it gets harder to set new goals though once you have been in a post for a while, so if your employer can help by making it a structured process and support you that way that’s really good.

I have only started my current job recently, so I have a few things to learn. In previous posts I have often found new goals for myself, not always work-related  (I guess learning Dutch was work-related though when working for Europe Direct and travelling to Brussels fairly regularly), if there wasn’t anything major that I needed improving on.

Currently I am trying to get into the habit of reflective writing. People make it sound difficult but after talking to our language learning adviser a few days ago I feel that I am already doing the reflective work but am not writing it down.

I also need to work on my chartership PPDP this week but need to find an hour or two where I’m not interrupted. I mostly have lunch at my desk at the moment, which isn’t especially quiet and of course I get interrupted even if I’m not doing work stuff but having a break (which is fine and if I minded I could of course go away and eat my lunch elsewhere – the whole campus has wifi). It might have to wait until the weekend as I can’t concentrate well after coming home from work and end up reading a book or watching tv to relax.

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