I used CILIP’s Professional Knowledge and Skills Base document, as well as my probation plan from work, to help me decide what to include in my Chartership (MCLIP) Personal Professional Development Plan (now that’s a fancy title! – from now on this is called PPDP), but it was hard and it still feels incomplete somehow. I am trying to backdate evidence as well which makes it extra-complicated. But I was reassured that all the panic I felt is normal (and unnecessary) as it’s a growing document. And I stopped fussing.

I started writing my PPDP about two weeks before Library Camp UK (13 October). At first it seemed simple and should have not taken me that long as I knew what I want to improve on (I had a list already!) but the more I wrote the more stupid and complicated it looked.  I found it hard to decide what to include and also how to phrase each point to fit the portfolio criteria. Fortunately some kind colleagues have helped with suggestions, examples and proofreading (you know who you are). I have also realised that I got far too hung up on the PPDP when I should have been looking at what evidence I already have for some of the assessment criteria.

Time to move on.

I have decided not to take part in #chapowrimo (Chartership Portfolio Writing Month, based on the popular NaNoWriMo) although it is a great idea. I know it’d stress me to take part as I don’t function well when I’m comparing myself to others.

Nevertheless, I will start writing bits for my chartership portfolio this month, including a draft for the personal evaluative statement. I have a plan that I have written in my notebook to keep an eye on timings. Briefly I was thinking about sharing it on here but decided against it – too much pressure. Might share it once I’ve stuck to it 😉

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